Therapeutic medication monitoring

Toxicology testing is the process of testing biological specimens, using both urine and saliva methods, for the presence of drugs and chemicals. This procedure allows physicians to monitor the medications and well-being of their patients. The testing can also be used to help find the cause of life-threatening symptoms, unconsciousness, or abnormal behavior in an emergency situation. Our team of highly accomplished scientists have developed specific methodologies to rapidly detect more than 110 different metabolites and drug compounds.

Benefits of Toxicology

  • Helps in preventing potentially dangerous or unpleasant drug-to-drug interactions
  • Used to help prevent potential addiction or overdose by managing the risks associated with controlled substances
  • Evaluate compliance to treatment plans and substantiate the need to continue or alter the course of treatment

“Prescription medications are now the second most commonly abused drug category… In primary care and pain management settings, estimates are that more than 1 in 4 chronic pain patients misuse opioids or illicit drugs.”

- The Journal of Family Practice


Taking the guesswork out of prescribing medication

Pharmacogenomics is the analysis of how genes affect a person’s ability to metabolize drugs. By determining their individual genetic variants, you can tailor patients’ drug regimen to meet their specific needs.

Origen Laboratories utilizes Pharmocogenomics to ensure that each patient gets personalized treatment, lowering the risk of fatal side-effects.

Benefits of Pharmacogenomics

  • Avoid potentially harmful drug reactions, toxicity, and side effects.
  • Minimize the long trial-and-error process.
  • Begin treatment with the right medication, at the right dose, with the one pharmacogenomic test.
  • Customize medication regimen specifically to the patient’s genetic make-up.
  • Test selection includes a variety of cytochrome P450 biomarkers and thrombosis risk factors.


Knowledge is Power!

This assessment evaluates an individual’s genetic risk of developing primary inherited cancers over their lifetime. Equipped with the results of this test, alongside medical and family history, a strategy can be created to reduce the risk of developing one of these many types of cancers. Not everyone with a cancer-related mutation will develop cancer.

  • Determines if a patient has genetic mutations that correlate with increased risk of several types of primary inherited cancers
  • Provides information to delay or avert the development of certain cancers
  • Assists physicians in recommending solutions for healthy lifestyle management, medications and / or surgical procedures

Who Should be Tested?

  1. Patients with a personal history of cancer
  2. Patients with a family history of cancer
  3. Patients with a family history of early onset of cancer
  4. Patients with a family history of multiple types of cancer



Origen Laboratories, located in the heart of Dallas, Texas is a forward-thinking clinical laboratory. We empower physicians by delivering accurate, personalized and revolutionary results in areas of hereditary cancer, pharmacogenomics and toxicology. Now, physicians are provided with an unmatched insight into the individual. Such insight is driving continued development in and customization of patient care, leading to improved patient outcome. Origen Laboratories responds to the ever-changing needs of the medical community by remaining at the forefront of technological and scientific advancements.


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